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'Dynator' Alternators

Manufactured in the UK by WOSP Performance to BSI ISO9002, these alternators have been engineered to look the same as the original dynamos that they are replacing. The advantage is that your vehicle will retain its original look whilst having a more powerful and reliable charging system. Other advantages over the original dynamo are:

  • Generate approximately twice the ouput
  • Much simplified wiring as units have built in voltage regulators
  • Much lighter - Approx 60% the weight of the original unit
  • Increased reliability due to use of modern materials and components

Wiring is simple as you simply by-pass the bulkhead mounted regulator and connect to existing cabling. They are manufactured in the UK from billet aluminium and incorporate lightweight 50A, 65A or 80A race alternators inside - doubling the output of the original item in most cases. Output verses rpm for 50A unit.

The range of these Lightweight Dynamo replacements (Dynators) includes C39, C40, C42 and C45 Lucas types, along with replacements for classic Lancias, Ferraris and many others. Less common & bespoke units are also available.

Dynators are available for both negative and positive earth applications and can also be manufcatured for 6V systems (please enquire).

As standard, units are supplied fitted with cooling fan and 63mm diameter pulley suitable for 10mm wide ('Z' section) belt. If a different pulley is required, then please enquire. Alternatively, use your original pulley on the new unit as the shaft sizes are the same.

The units also come with a 3 years guarantee, fitting instructions and are delivered to you free of charge (UK mainland).