Lucas C45 Dynamo

Lucas C45 dynamo that has been fully reconditioned by a UK specialist.

To ensure that the dynamo on your vehicle is a C45, it should be stamped with 'C45' on the case. If you cannot find this, check the distance between the mounting flanges, it should be approximately 166mm and the diameter of the body 4.5" (114mm).

Two types available:

C45 PV5 (stud terminals)

C45 PV6 (bade terminals)

The Dynamo will have been stripped down, checked over and rebuilt using new parts where necessary and has a one year guarantee. Supplied without fan and pulley (although these are available seperately if required) and polarized for negative earth. 17mm diameter shaft. No exchange dynamo necessary.

160706 Reconditioned Lucas C45 PV5 Dynamo - Stud terminals
£285.00 each
160706-B Reconditioned Lucas C45 PV6 Dynamo - Blade terminals
£285.00 each