Pulleys - 17mm Bore

A range of pulleys having different diameters and different belt widths, all to fit shaft diameters of 17mm. Some in steel, some machined from aluminium.

  • Z section belt - 10mm wide
  • A section belt - 13mm wide
  • B section belt - 16mm wide
160605 72mm Steel, A Section, 19mm Depth
£16.33 each
Out of stock
160650 73mm Steel, A Section
£13.15 each
160637-17 106mm Aluminium, A section
£51.34 each
160639-17 125mm Aluminium, A Section, 8mm Offset (LMP60)
£57.06 each
160640-17 76mm Aluminium, B section, Offset 3mm (LMP48)
£57.06 each
160643-17 78mm Steel, B Section, 26mm Depth
£13.59 each