Tinned Copper Battery/Starter Cable

This battery cable is very similar to flexible battery cable except that the copper conductors are tin plated, making them more suitable for marine and other corrosive environments. Cable details are given in the blue boxes below. For example, 011001, has 203 strands of  0.3mm diameter tinned copper wire (203/0.3), has a conductor cross sectional area of 16mm², a capacity of 110 Amps and its diameter including insulation is 8.3mm. Click on the link below for full cable data.


  • Single insulated, extra flexible battery cables, designed for use in tough environments

  • Resistant to petrol, oils and diluted acids

  • Tinned copper conductors, PVC insulated with a working temperature of between -30 and 70degC.

  • Available in Red or Black
011001 203/0.3, 16mm², 110A, cable OD 8.3mm
£4.12 per metre
£37.06 10m reel
011002 322/0.3, 25mm², 170A, cable OD 10.1mm
£6.15 per metre
£55.36 10m reel
011003 455/0.3, 35mm², 240A, cable OD 11.8mm
£8.60 per metre
£77.36 10m reel
011004 637/0.3, 50mm², 345A, cable OD 13.3mm
£12.10 per metre
£108.86 10m reel
011005 912/0.3, 70mm², 485A, cable OD 15.5mm
£16.99 per metre
£152.87 10m reel
011006 648/0.4, 95mm², 500A, cable OD 17.9mm
£22.59 per metre
£203.25 10m reel