Tinned Copper Thin Wall Cable

This cable is as per standard thin wall cable except the copper conductors are tin plated, making them more suitable for marine and other corrosive environments. Cable details are given in the blue boxes below. For example 010901 has 21 strands of 0.3mm diameter tinned copper wire (21/0.3), has a conductor cross sectional area of 1.5mm², has a capacity of 21 Amps and its diameter including the insulation is 2.4mm.

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  • Tinned copper conductors - PVC insulated

  • Hard grade PVC insulation offers good resistance to abrasion and cut through

  • For use at temperatures between -40 to 105 degC, with excursions to 120 degC

  • Reduced insulation thickness gives savings in weight and volume

  • Good resistance to petrol, diesel, oil and diluted acid

  • Suitable for 12V and 24V systems (60V max)

  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO6722:2006 (class B)

010901 21/0.30, 1.5mm², 21A, cable OD 2.4mm
£0.49 per metre
£19.56 50m reel
010902 35/0.30, 2.5mm², 29A, cable OD 3.0mm
£0.71 per metre
£28.69 50m reel
010903 56/0.30, 4.0mm², 39A, cable OD 3.7mm
£1.07 per metre
£27.72 30m roll
010904 84/0.30, 6.0mm², 50A, cable OD 4.3mm
£1.43 per metre
£38.44 30m reel
010905 80/0.40, 10.0mm², 70A, cable OD 6.0mm
£2.32 per metre
£65.10 30m reel

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