Battery Cable - Flexible

Flexible battery cable has many finer strands than the semi-rigid type.  Consequently, it is far more flexible.  Available in black or red. Cable descriptions give number and size of cable strands, the total cross-sectional area of the conductor, the outside diameter and the current rating.

 For example, 322/0.30, 25mm², 10mm, 170A  indicates that the cable has 322 x 0.3mm diameter strands of copper, giving a cross sectional area of 25mm², the outside diameter of the cable, including the insulation, is 10.0mm and the current rating is 170A.

 Clink on the link below for full cable data.

PLEASE NOTE.  010607 95mm² cable is only ordered on request and will take a little longer to dispatch.

010604 206/0.30 16mm², 8.2mm OD, 110A
£3.43 per metre
£31.78 10m reel
010601 266/0.30 20mm², 8.9mm OD, 135A
£3.91 per metre
£35.21 10m reel
010602 322/0.30 25mm², 10.0mm OD, 170A
£5.10 per metre
£45.97 10m reel
010603 539/0.30 40mm², 12.7mm OD, 300A
£7.66 per metre
£68.95 10m reel
010605 805/0.30 60mm², 14.6mm OD, 415A
£12.01 per metre
£108.07 10m reel
010607 684/0.40 95mm², 19.7mm OD, 500A
£130.41 10m reel


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