Thin Wall Cable

Thin wall low voltage cable, suitable for use in automotive and marine applications. Consists of conductors of stranded copper wire which are hard grade PVC insulated. Compared to standard PVC cable, the reduced insulation thickness and higher current capacity greatly reduces weight and volume. For these reasons, this cable is today used in preference to standard PVC cable by vehicle manufacturers.

Good resistance to petrol, diesel and abrasion. Suitable for use from -40ºC to +105ºC. Cable descriptions give number and size of cable strands and the total cross sectional area of the conductor. Where two colours are indicated (eg. Blue/Black), the first is the main colour and the second is the tracer colour.

Please note that the smallest size cable (0.35mm²) is only available in 100m reels.

If you are working in awg (American Wire Gauge), we have a table to help convert to mm².

010710 12/0.20, 0.35mm², 7.0A - cable OD 1.4mm
£11.18 100m reel
010701 16/0.20, 0.5mm², 11.0A - cable OD 1.6mm
£0.28 per metre
£12.53 100m reel
010702 32/0.20, 1.0mm², 16.5A - cable OD 2.0mm
£0.35 per metre
£19.02 100m reel
010703 28/0.30, 2.0mm², 25.0A - cable OD 2.7mm
£0.51 per metre
£37.43 100m reel
010704 44/0.30, 3.0mm², 33.0A, - cable OD 3.3mm
£0.72 per metre
£19.58 30m roll
£60.43 100m reel
010705 56/0.30, 4.0mm², 39.0A - cable OD 3.7mm
£1.02 per metre
£25.67 30m roll
£77.01 100m reel
010706 84/0.30, 6.0mm², 50.0A - cable OD 4.3mm
£1.43 per metre
£37.37 30m roll
£112.06 100m reel
010707 120/0.30, 8.5mm², 63.0A - cable OD 5.5mm
£2.00 per metre
£53.92 30m roll
010708 80/0.40, 10.0mm², 70.0A - cable OD 5.6mm
£2.45 per metre
£66.02 30m reel


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