Expandable Braided Sleeving

Made from black polyester which, because of its woven construction, expands readily to fit a range of cable bundle diameters. Cables can also be routed out through the sleeving wall. It has very good abrasion resistance, and has a temperature range of -70ºC to +150ºC. To stop fraying, the cut end should be fused using a soldering iron, or covered using heatshrink tubing or neoprene sleeves. The second picture shows the use of a neoprene sleeve for this purpose.

110701 Min Dia. 3mm, Max Dia 7mm
£0.81 per metre
£7.15 10m reel
110702 Min Dia. 5mm, Max Dia 10mm
£1.11 per metre
£9.96 10m reel
110703 Min Dia. 10mm, Max Dia 18mm
£1.93 per metre
£17.35 10m reel
110704 Min Dia. 15mm, Max Dia 27mm
£2.08 per metre
£18.64 10m reel