HT Cable Sets

800mm long braided HT cables with soldered on spark plug terminals and heat shrink markers.

Simply cut to length and connect to the distributor or magneto.

  • Supplied as a kit of 4 (marked 1-4)
  • Choice of cable colours available
  • Individual cables without markers also available for motorcycles.

Brass thumb nuts for the spark plug terminals are available here

020401-B/R-4 HT lead set (4) - Black/Red
£16.00 each
020401-G/R-4 HT lead set (4) - Green/Red
£16.00 each
020401-R/B-4 HT lead set (4) - Red/Black
£16.00 each
020401-R/Y-4 HT lead set (4) - Red/Yellow
£16.00 each
020401-Y/B-4 HT lead set (4) - Yellow/Black
£16.00 each