80A Lucas Alternator Upgrade

Modern 80A alternators to replace older Lucas A127 and 17/18 ACR alternators.

  • Fitted with 64mm diameter pulley to take a 10mm wide (Z section belt)
  • Twin internal cooling fans
  • Available in LH and RH orientations
  • Same mounting as A127 and 17/18 ACR units.
  • Approximately 125mm diameter body x 130mm long. (A127 is 130mm diameter, 18ACR, 115mm diameter)
  • 4.8kg
  • Simple 2 wire connection. B+ and lamp connection (D+)
  • Base unit made in Italy and modified by WOSP in the UK.
  • Supplied with fitting kit.
LMA237 80A Left Hand Lucas Alternator Replacement
£225.00 each
LMA259 80A Right Hand Lucas Alternator Replacement
£225.00 each