12 Volt Relay - make and break

Make and break. 40A, 4 terminals (6.3mm blade, B type pin configuration), with removable bracket.

These relays are also available having an internal diode across the the coil connections (85 & 86) to reduce the voltage spike across these terminals when the coil is de-energised. This is particularly important if the relay is being controlled by some form of electronic switch (such as a transistor) rather than by a normal mechanical switch, as the voltage spike can damaged sensitive electronics. The majority of applications will simply require the standard non diode relay (140201).

Suitable relay sockets are 140301, 140303, 140304 & 140305

140201 12V 40A Relay
£2.98 each
£26.85 Pack of 10
140250 12V 40A Relay with Diode
£3.37 each
£30.30 Pack of 10