24V Change Over Relay

24V Change over. 10/20A. 5 terminals (6.3mm blade). Metal mounting lug can be removed if necessary. (B type pin configuration)

These relays are also available having an internal diode across the the coil connections (85 & 86) to reduce the voltage spike across these terminals when the coil is de-energised. This is particularly important if the relay is being controlled by some form of electronic switch (such as a transistor) rather than by a normal mechanical switch, as the voltage spike can damaged sensitive electronics. The majority of applications will simply require the standard non diode relay.

Suitable relay sockets are 140301140303140304 & 140305

140219 24V Relay - change over
£5.13 each

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140226 24V Relay - change over with diode
£6.05 each

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