Lucas C42 Dynamo

Lucas C42 dynamo that has been fully reconditioned by a UK specialist.

The Dynamo will have been stripped down, checked over and rebuilt using new parts where necessary and has a one year guarantee. Supplied without fan and pulley (although these are available seperately if required) and polarized for negative earth. 15mm diameter shaft.

  • Diameter 4.2" (107mm)
  • Internal mounting flange distance 174mm
  • Shaft diameter 15mm
  • One year guarantee

Two versions available:

  1. Standard C42 dynamo.(160705)
  2. C42 dynamo with rear drive for power steering pump.(160705-RD)
160705 Lucas C42 Dynamo
£260.82 each
160705-RD Lucas C42 Dynamo - With rear drive.
£315.16 each