50/90A Alternator (LMA200)

50A 12V lightweight Nippon Denso alternator, supplied by WOSP. Symmetrical, so can be used on either RH or LH applications.  Supplied with 63mm diameter pulley to take a Z section belt and also wiring loom/plug. Weighs approx 2.5kg (50A version)

A high output version (90A) of this unit is also available. However it needs to be noted that in order to achieve this higher output the speed of rotation needs to be approximately twice that of the normal 50A unit. (See the performance graphs on the link below, 90A HO vs 50A).

Connection is simple:

  • M6 stud to battery using cable rated at least to 50A
  • 6.3mm blade marked 'IG' to ignition on supply
  • 6.3mm blade marked 'L' to warning lamp
  • Connection via 6mm stud terminal and 2 way blade connector (050110)

Generic dimensions shown in download file below

LMA200 50A Universal Alternator
£222.79 each
LMA200HO 90A Universal Alternator
£407.53 each