X-Treme Tape is a self fusing silicone insulating and repair tape. It was originally developed for the US military and has been proven in extreme conditions and environments. It is very versatile & easy to use and on top of being insulation tape it is an easy to use 'quick fix' emergency rescue tape suitable for many different types of applications. This versatile tape has an unlimited amount of uses; electrical, automotive, plumbing & building and even your basic DIY.

Possible uses are: Cable repairs, water pipe repairs, exhaust pipes, radiator hoses, tool handles, waste pipes, handlebars etc etc etc!!

When used, the tape bond begins to cure immediately on contact with itself. Repositioning or removal is not recommended after 2 minutes of self wrapping. Within 24 hours at room temperature,  it will form a permanent, cohesive bond.

X-treme tape withstands extremes in:

  • Voltage - Insulates to 8000V per layer
  • Temperature - Withstands over 260 deg C of heat and remains flexible to -60 dec C
  • Pressure - 700 PSI tensile strength
  • Moisture - Creates a permanent air-tight, water-tight seal in seconds
  • Corrosion/Contaminants - Resistant to acids, fuels, oils, solvents, salt water, UV etc

Another advantage of this tape over conventional tapes is that it never gets gooey or sticky like old fashioned electrical tape or duct tape!

Watch this short video on the wonders of this amazing tape. One to put in your tool box!

3m x 25mm wide. Available in Black or Red.


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121704-B X-Treme Tape 3m x 25mm, BLACK
£4.57 each
121704-R X-Treme Tape 3m x 25mm, RED
£4.57 each