Ford Cosworth - T5 Gearbox

High torque starter motor to fit the Ford Cosworth (2WD & 4WD). During Ford Cosworth production, two different starter motors were used, depending upon which gearbox was fitted to the car. The two wheel drive cars and the majority of four wheel drive cars had a Borg Warner T5 gearbox. The starter motor for this gearbox has 3 mounting holes on a 105mm PCD with M10 threads.

Less common were 4WD cars with a Ford MT75 gearbox. These have 3 mounting holes on a 114.3mm PCD, with no thread. The starter motor for this variant is the LMS570


This WOSP unit for T5 applications is based on a Nippon Denso Base unit.

  • Power 1.4kW
  • Starter Weight 4.0kg
  • 10 teeth/27mm diameter pinion
  • 76mm spigot diameter, 105mm bolt hole centre distance
  • Manufactured by WOSP Performance
  • Supplied with terminal fitting kit
  • Three year guarantee
  • Free UK mainland carriage

A smaller/lighter version LMS556 is also available.


LMS065 Ford Cosworth - T5 Gearbox
£200.00 each