Lucas 3AW 38706 replacement

Vehicles having Lucas 11AC alternators were originally fitted with a Lucas 3AW 38706 relay that controlled the operation of the dashboard mounted charge lamp.

Unfortunately, as these are no longer available, this relay (140501) can be used as a replacement on negative earth vehicles.

For positive earth vehicles use 140502.

To fit replacement Lucas 3AW relay:

  • Disconnect the three wires going to your existing 3AW relay.
  • Has three wires; black (-ve / earth), yellow (AL / phase take off of alternator) and orange (warning light).

Vehicle wiring:

  • Black goes to black on relay
  • Brown / Yellow goes to yellow on relay
  • Brown / Black goes to Orange on relay
140501 3AW replacement relay - negative earth
£29.40 each
140502 3AW replacement relay - positive earth
£29.40 each