Rover V8 - WOSP

Hi torque starter motor to fit the Rover V8 engine. Therefore will fit the V8 Rover engined TVR's, MGB V8, MGR, Morgan Plus 8, Triumph TR8 etc.

2 power ratings available, 1.4kW or 2kW. The 1.4kW version is suitable for most applications, the 2kW for high compression or higher capacity engines.

Originally the Rover V8  starter had a 9 tooth 25mm pinion. These starters have an 11 tooth 29mm pinion, offset slightly. The net effect is an even faster cranking speed, on top of that provided by the high torque starter motor.

  • Power 1.4kW / 2kW
  • 11 teeth 29mm pinion, replacing 9 teeth/25mm diameter pinion
  • 73mm spigot diameter, 119mm bolt hole centre distance
  • Manufactured by WOSP Performance
  • Supplied with terminal fitting kit
  • Three year guarantee
  • Free UK mainland carriage
LMS055-11 V8 Rover Starter Motor (1.4kW)
£228.22 each
LMS109 V8 Rover Starter Motor (2kW)
£298.85 each