Ford V8 Mustang / Sunbeam Tiger

High torque starter motor to fit Ford V8 with manual gearbox fitted to Ford Mustangs and the Sunbeam Tiger V8. Will fit both manual and automatic cars.

Please note that Ford V8's have two different offsets to the flywheel. If increased pinion depth is required, the 10mm thick spacer between the starter motor mounting flange and the motor itself needs to be removed, and the flange refitted with the shorter bolts supplied. Please also note that the original starter has 9 teeth, where as this unit has a pinion with 11 teeth, offset for increased cranking speed and torque.

(1.2kW super short version also available, for applications where space is limited. 162mm/152mm overall length (depending upon whether spacer is used)).

  • Power 1kW/1.2kW
  • Starter Weight 4.0kg
  • 11 teeth/29mm diameter pinion (replaces 9 teeth/25mm diameter pinion)
  • 103.5mm spigot diameter
  • Manufactured by WOSP Performance
  • Supplied with terminal fitting kit
  • Three year guarantee
  • Free UK mainland carriage
LMS173 Ford V8 Starter Motor
£185.00 each
LMS173-1.2 Ford V8 Starter Motor (Short version)
£200.00 each