Amilcar - Axial Type

12V High torque axial starter motor to fit Amilcar 4 cylinder engines. Two types available for different models,  the difference being the size and no of teeth on the starter pinion. They also incorporate an epicyclic gearbox for much increased torque over a conventional starter motor.

  • Amilcars CC, C4, CGS, CGSs etc. 11 tooth pinion/39mm diameter
  • Amilcars L and M types etc. 13 tooth pinion/46mm diameter
  • Both starters are 2kW units and are very light at 2.8kg
  • Manufactured by WOSP Performance
  • Supplied with terminal fitting kit
  • Three year guarantee
  • Free UK mainland carriage


LMS618-11AX 11 tooth Amilcar starter motor. (CC, C4, CGS, CGSs etc)
£390.00 each
LMS618-13AX 13 tooth Amilcar starter motor. (L & M etc)
£390.00 each