Timer Relay 0.5s - 6hr

12V & 24V timer relays with adjustable timer control. This relay can be set to time between 0.5 seconds and 6 hours, so is suitable for numerous applications.

The relay is effectively a change over relay, so it can be used to either switch on after a certain time period or switch off. It requires a momentary voltage pulse to trigger. Relay time is changed by turning two small normally hidden (by removable bungs) rotary switches.

Supplied with instructions. Will fit a standard relay socket (140301,140303  or 140305)

Capacity 10A. If a higher current needs to be switched, then this relay can be used to trigger a greater capacity switching relay.

140271 12V Variable Timer Relay
£35.76 each

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140272 24V Variable Timer Relay
£36.57 each

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