12 Way Fused Distribution Board

12 Way blade fuse box and distribution board. This board has terminals for both the negative (earth) and positive sides of the circuits.

On the negative side, connection is via an M5 stud, which then distributes to 12 screw connections (that will take 4mm ring terminals) via an internal busbar.

The positive side is split into two 6 way circuits. The two banks of 6 fuses are fed commonly from each of the two M5 studs via internal busbars. The six outputs for each side are via the blade fuses. Output connection is via screw connections (that will take 4mm ring terminals). Approximate dimensions including the lid are 165 x 95 x 60mm (tall).

The unit has a polycarbonate lid, which is held on by a rotating catch.

Please note that the blade fuses shown in the photos are not included within the fuse box and must be purchased separately. If required, there is also sufficient room within the fusebox to fit the blade type circuit breakers.

* Maximum Amperage per circuit-30Amps
* Maximum Amperage per block-100Amps
* Maximum voltage-32VDC
* Base material-Polycarbonate
* Cover Material-Clear polycarbonate

100134 12 Way Fuse/Distribution Board
£33.68 each

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