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Contralube 770 - The Terminal Connector


Use Contralube 770 on all your electronic/electrical and signal/data connections. It will protect your connectors and terminals from moisture, corrosion, oxidation, dust, vibration etc.

Contralube770 was originally designed for the automotive industry. This state of the art grease can protect all your connections – multipin connections, spade contacts, battery connections, external antennae connections; pretty much everything electro/mechanical, its also compatible with most plastics.

Primarily it is an electrical contact grease but it can be used for loads of different jobs, such as: Electrical connections (multi-pin, bullet, spade etc), automotive bulbs contact areas, spark plug boots, distributor/ignition systems, hinges, locks, latches, trailer hitch electrical connections, springs, gears, seat tracks, battery terminals, door latches, antennas and much more....

Intermittent faults are sometimes a sign that connectors or contact surfaces are being affected by oxidation or may be by moisture finding its way in to the connector. A small application of contralube770 would help to stop this and is more of a permanent solution than traditional solvent spray lubricants. The product also helps the assembly of connectors – especially the larger connections. Many connector faults are the result of forcing male and female parts together at incorrect angles, mostly due to the connectors being located in hard to reach places. Contralube is effective at reducing the mating force required, ensuring solid connections and efficient assembly.

Available in 25g tubes or 8g sachets.


Contralube 25g Tube
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Contralube 8g Sachet
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