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General purpose low voltage cable for use in automotive and marine applications in temperatures up to 70 deg C. Consists of conductors of stranded copper wire which are PVC insulated. Cable descriptions give the number and size of cable strands and the total cross-sectional area of conductor. For example 14/0.30, 1.0mm² refers to 14 strands of 0.30mm diameter cable giving a total cable conductor area of 1.0mm². Where two colours are indicated (eg. Blue/Black), the first is the main colour and the second is the tracer colour.

Typical Uses 9/0.30 (010101): Side/tail lamps, indicators etc. 14/0.30 (010102): Side/tail lamps, indicators, fog lamps, general wiring. 28/0.30 (010103): Head lamps, wipers, screen heaters, petrol pumps, etc. 44/0.30 (010104): Charging circuits, main feeds. 65/0.30 (010105): Heavy duty charge circuits, alternator feeds. 84/0.30 (010106), 97/0.30 (010107), 120/0.30 (010108) & 80/0.40 (010109) Heavy duty charge circuits, alternator and battery feeds.

If you are working in awg (American Wire Gauge), we have a table to help convert to mm².

Please note that there is a reduced choice of colours available for PVC cable, as motor vehicle manufacturers are now using thin wall cable as standard.
Standard PVC Cable