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This 12V Dynator unit replaces the early Lucas C45 dynamos. The main difference is the length of the unit. The early C45s are over an inch shorter than the more common standard C45. This shorter unit was fitted to a variety of cars manufactured in the 1940s-60s, typically MG T series etc. They are available with or without the rear mounted tachometer drive and for both negative and positive earth applications. It has an output of 50A compared to 25A of the original and weighs 5.0kg, compared to 9.5kg originally.

To ensure that the dynamo on your vehicle is a C45 - short, it should be stamped with 'C45' on the case. If you cannot find this, check the distance between the mounting flanges, it should be approximately 139mm and the diameter of the body 4.5" (114mm).

  • Diameter 4.5" (114mm)
  • Internal mounting falnge distance (Dim A) 139mm
  • Shaft diameter 17mm
  • 50A output
  • 3.2Kg
  • 3 year guarantee

As standard, units are supplied fitted with cooling fan and 63mm diameter pulley suitable for 10mm wide ('Z' section) belt. If a different pulley is required, then please enquire. Alternatively, use your original pulley on the new unit as the shaft sizes are the same.

If purchasing for an MG T series (or similar), a version fitted with the LMP95 pulley should be chosen as that is the correct type for these vehicles.

Electrical connection to the vehicle is easy and straight forward using the original dynamo control box as a junction box. Fitting instructions are given in the downloads section below (one for negative earth installations, the other for positive earth). Alternatively, the original voltage control box can be removed and replaced with a fused dummy control box, which can be used as a suitable junction box to easily connect the Dyantor to the vehicles wiring.

Picture 5 shows the length difference between a standard C45 and a short C45



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