24 LEDS - BA15s, BAY15d

These bulbs have 24 LEDs , of which 18 face rearwards, and 6 face radially sideways. They are similar in intensity to 21W bulbs and have the advantage of illuminating the the inside of the lamp unit or reflector (compared with the 19 LED bulbs which only face rearwards).
Will fit standard 15mm bulb holders. 38mm long, 25mm diameter at LED end.
LED bulb 132411 has 18 rearward facing red LEDs and 6 radial white LEDs. This item is used in lamps that have a number plate illuminating window.
LED bulbs have the advantage of being extremely long lasting and require very little current, typically 30mA. For use on negative earth vehicle only.
For best results use the same colour LED bulbs behind the same colour lenses.

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  • 132408 24 LEDS - BA15s, BAY15d
    Amber (BA15s, single contact)
    £8.48 each
  • 132409 24 LEDS - BA15s, BAY15d
    Red (BA15s, single contact)
    £8.48 each
    Out of stock
  • 132410 24 LEDS - BA15s, BAY15d
    Red (BAY15d, double contact, offset pins, stop/tail)
    £8.48 each
  • 132411 24 LEDS - BA15s, BAY15d
    Red/White (BAY15d, double contact, offset pins, stop/tail)
    £8.93 each

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